Author Topic: BMW 310 R/GS : Battery Drain, Alternator, Starter Motor Issues  (Read 100 times)

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I bought BMW 310 GS on 15th Aug 2018 from Kun Motors Chennai, in June i faced the Self start problem, while checking with BMW Motorrad Bangalore they confirmed that the fault is with Battery, and they are having issue with Battery replacement in Bangalore, since I took delivery from Chennai. I took the bike all the way to Chennai and Kun Motors replaced the part on 8th July 2019, They are surprised why Bangalore dealer send me all the way to Chennai since the BMW support is across India (riding 350 Km on a defective Bike).

I see more than 20 riders have reported battery issues in my group. I request BMW Motorrad to find a permanent fix to avoid such issues in coming days.

Lets Report all our experiences related to Battery drain, Alternator fail, Starter Motor issues here for the record.
1. What you have gone through as a breakdown in the middle of a highway, city etc.? 
2. What was done as the 1st step of action?
3. How did you troubleshoot the situation?
4. What action sorted out the problem ?
Please help fellow riders to bring situation in control with your experiences and actions shared here. It would be a BIG HELP  :)