Author Topic: Welcome to BMW Riders Club India Forum !  (Read 97 times)

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Welcome to BMW Riders Club India Forum !
« on: July 17, 2019, 01:04:00 PM »
This is 2019, we are flooded with Motorcycles of multiple brands and variants in India unlike never before :)  Everybody wants to be a rider, many wants to prove my engine is better than yours, my brand is the number 1 in the world, my bike is the best, my dealer is the most popular one, my rider group is the best, my club is the most happening one etc. Are we here to prove any of those things to the world ? The answer is NO. There are many forums and groups to worry about all those points. We better concentrate on the most important part of this entire episode !

Enjoy your bike and Make Life A memorable RIDE

What is the purpose of this Forum ?

1. Fall in love with your machine.
2. Enjoy each moment of your ownership.
3. Make good rider friends in every city and towns of India.
4. Share your rides, experiences, issues, preparations, emotions etc.
5. Help others by providing the most useful information at the time of a need.
6. India is large, but we can make it a Family by riding together, sharing knowledge and time.
7. Stand together at the time of crisis in any form of help required by the country.

BMW has been making excellent machines throughout its history of production. We are proud of our machines. Lets ride them with responsibility and safety towards ourselves and other road users.

Riding a motorcycle involves handling a curious collection of various elements like noise, danger, speed, balance, physical skill, and mechanics. It is not surprising then that some people are obsessed with motorcycles, wind blowing across their faces, following the road, feeling free and wild. You can instantly recognize a motorcyclist because of his/her signature leather jacket, swanky helmet, leather gloves, and of course, his/her beautiful machine.   Courtesy : Thrillspire

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